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- In 'Item URL' add the link to the Ticket page.
- In 'Item price ¥' add the price of the item, and in 'Qty' add how many units you want to be purchased from the item (check in the item page if the quantity is available). Add the other required information as well.
- Add it to the cart and proceed with the checkout. If you want to add some instruction to us, do it.

Attention! It's NOT possible to cancel after you place the order. The amount paid will be refunded only if the item is not available.
Show tickets has a special fee (2000yen per ticket) to be obtained because of the difficulty of obtaining them. We will refund if we are not successful in purchasing them for you. In the case of buying from resellers, the budget range may be around 8000~12000yen per ticket (not including other fees).

Note: The order processing time may take about 10-15 working days for the product to be shipped.
Item URL:
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Concert title:
Where are you going to stay?
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