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Our fees


Our commission is only 500yen fixed per order + 10% of the subtotal.


Domestic Shipping:

Some stores may charge shipping to send your order to our warehouse or our office. For marketplaces, the Domestic Shipping will be charged by seller registered in the marketplace you choose to make your purchases. This fee will then be charged together with International Shipping later.

International Shipping:

Once your order arrives at our warehouse or our office, we will calculate the value of International Shipping and send you the shipping options available to your country.

Remember that if you give up your purchase because you do not agree with the International Shipping amount, we will not be able to refund the amount you paid for the items because we pay for them when placing the order in the store you chose and we cannot return the items.

Payment fee:

Currently we use PayPal as our main method of receiving payment. The PayPal fee to receive payment for your order is 4.9% + 40yen.


Other fees:

Some items may have special rate to be obtained as show tickets, which has a special fee (2000yen per ticket) to be obtained because of the difficulty of obtaining them. In the case of buying from resellers, the budget range may be around 8000~12000yen per ticket (not including other fees).

If you choose an item that has a very high cost to obtain, we will contact you before ordering to inform you of the cost of the fee and get your confirmation.


Also, feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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