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Buy without paying commissions!

Our current commission is 500yen fixed + 10% on the subtotal of your purchase (total items + domestic shipping).

Buying our subscription you can make purchases without paying for our commission!

Initially you will be entitled to 04 orders per month!

Progressive discount!

Renew your subscription every month and accumulate benefits!

By renewing your subscription you will accumulate the number of orders you can place without paying for our commissions!

  • First month: 2000yen (04 orders)
  • Second month: 2000yen (05 orders)
  • Third month: 2000yen (06 orders)

To take advantage of the progressive discount you must purchase a new subscription up to two days before your current subscription period expires. After renewal you will receive coupons for your current plan to exempt our commission fees at the beginning of each monthly period.

In case you don’t want to forget, you can contact us to add recurring payment via PayPal.


– Need help? Contact us!

Subscribe to our membership now!


  • Please note that each subscription is valid for 30 days.
    If you do not use it to place the number of orders for your subscription by the end of this period, the amount will not be refunded and the period to be used will not be extended.
  • Is not valid for ticket purchases for shows or for stores that do not offer domestic shipping (stores that are necessary to buy directly from the physical store).
  • Your membership request will be processed and the information sent to your email within 24 hours.
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