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Please read our F.A.Q. carefully before placing an order or sending your questions to us.

Most doubts about our services can be answered below. If even after reading you are still in doubt or feel unsafe, please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help you! πŸ™‚

1. General Questions

1.1 Where are the products shipped?

The products are shipped from Japan.

1.2 Why is charged Domestic shipping?

Domestic shipping is the cost that online stores charge to deliver your order to us in our warehouse or office. Each store charges a different value for domestic shipping.

1.3 What is the currency of the store?

The currency in our store is YEN (JPY).

1.4 What does the status of my order mean?

Probably something is still pending in your order:
– Payments using PayPal e-check will be processed only after PayPal confirms your payment which can take several days and items may get out of stock during that time.
– Because of an error the value of the international shipping did not pass through PayPal: in this case we will notify you for you to send us the payment for shipping separately.
– Other: if there is any other problem we will contact you for clarification.

It means that we have already received your payment and that as soon as possible we will order your items.

All items in your order have been ordered successfully!
The next status will be “SHIPPED” and it should take several weeks to be updated to this status as we need to wait for all items of your order to arrive so we are able to ship it to you.
Once we order your items, we need to wait for it to arrive at our office before shipping to you.
The order processing time may take about 10-15 working days for the product to be shipped and we ship usually on Sundays.
Pre-order can take about 1~2 months to arrive at our office after the release date.

It means that unfortunately we were not able to order all the items of your order.
If it takes a few days with this status it’s because there’s still a chance we’ll be able to order πŸ˜€
In case we can not order we will advise you and offer some solution, such as:
– Order from another shop if available (maybe a new domestic shipping will be charged in this case).
– If you have not yet paid for international shipping, we can offer to deduct from the value of the shipping fee of your choice.
– Partial Refund

Your order has been shipped and it should arrive soon! You should receive an email with the tracking number by email or you can get it in β€œMy account” page in the order detail tab.

1.5 I have some questions about my order, how can I contact?

Please feel free to contact us via hello [at] or contact form. We will try to help you in the best way possible!

1.6 How will my personal information used?

We use your email to send you information about your order and about the store updates. Read more about our privacy policy.

1.7 I have not received any email from Forward Japan

Check your spam folder. If you can not find our emails, please, contact us.

You should receive updates when there is a change in the status of your order.

Please check the item “1.4 What does the status of my order mean?” for specifications about order status.

1.8 I want to buy Book / Manga / Doujinshi / Magazine. What is the language?

Any printed material will be in Japanese.

2. Purchase and Payment Questions

2.1 What’s the payment method?

We have PayPal as a payment method to be safe for the customer and the store. All your payment information will be processed by PayPal.

We currently also accept payments by Credit Card and Alipay.


2.2 Can I use credit card?

Yes! You can pay via credit card with PayPal, but you’ll need to link your card to a PayPal account.

Or you can pay without having a PayPal account using Stripe.

Payment options will be available on the checkout page.

To ensure the security of our customers, we did not get information about your credit card.

2.3 I have placed a order, but I decided to buy more products, I can add new items to the previous order?

Unfortunately because of our intense workflow we had to temporarily suspend the addition of items to current orders. πŸ™
We work to provide the best customer service that you deserve and do not want to make mistakes.
In the future we hope to re-allow addition of items to orders in progress πŸ˜€

2.4 I bought a wrong item or the item is taking too long to arrive, can I cancel?

Definitely not! We can not cancel the order on the online store where you chose to buy your item, so if you have chosen a wrong item or give up we will not be able to refund because we paid for it in the moment we bought it for you.

Sometimes some items take longer to arrive than others. So please, if you’re in a hurry, do not order.

2.5 If I want to ask the seller to sell separately the items listed in a listing or lower the price of a listing would you be able to help ask that?

You can buy a “question pack” to use for negotiate in this page.

Note that you will be required to purchase the item if the seller agrees with what you asked.

3. Shipping

3.1 Do you ship to my country?

Of course! We ship to worldwide from Japan!

3.2 How long it takes for the product to be shipped?

Once we order your items, we need to wait for it to arrive at our office before shipping to you.

The order processing time may take about 10-15 working days for the product to be shipped.

Please pay attention to the pre-order items. In some cases of items purchased in the pre-order can take about 1~2 months to arrive after the release date.

3.3 What are the Shipping methods available?

Registered SAL (with tracking number)
– Without insurance. Number of delivery days: 30-60 working days.

Not available for: Australia, Greenland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, Poland, South Korea, Moldova, Paraguay, Ukraine, Netherlands, Spain, France

Registered Airmail (with tracking number)
– Without insurance. Number of delivery days: 15-30 working days.

EMS (Express Mail Service):
– Traceable, insured. Number of delivery days: 5-10 working days.

*Please note that the number of delivery days is an estimate. Depending on the situation of delivery transport, customs clearance, and local handling conditions, the number of days will differ.

3.4 Customs fees?

We do not cover customs taxes, please, check before buying which taxes may be charged for your orders in your country.

3.5 Product has not been delivered/returned to the origin country, what do I do?

Send us a email: hello [at] For re-ship your order will be charged a new shipping fee.

Remembering, we not responsible for products shipped via SAL or AIRMAIL if it becomes lost.

3.6 "Our system cannot calculate the INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FEE and SHIPPING OPTIONS available automatically. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PRICES and options will be offered via email after the items arrive at our office. PLEASE NOTE: It will not be possible to cancel your purchase later if you refuse to pay for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Please read our F.A.Q. and Terms of Service carefully before placing the purchase please :)"

The International Shipping will be calculated when your items arrive at our office and charged before being shipped.

Note that the shipping fee is charged according to the weight. If you buy heavy or large items the shipping will probably be a bit expensive. For example, it is possible to buy items at a very low price, but that does not mean that the International Shipping will be cheap too. If you give up the order because of the International Shipping fee, keep in mind that what you paid previously WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. WE CAN NOT RETURN THE ITEMS that you purchased to the stores from where they were ordered and WE WILL NOT REFUND THE FEE FOR OUR SERVICE that was rendered.

You can simulate the weight of your order at JAPAN POST to get an idea of how much it might cost.

3.7 If I place multiple orders, will it be possible to combine to ship in a single shipment?

We charge 300yen to combine two orders + 150yen for additional order.
– Only orders placed within the same week can be combined.
– A maximum of 5 orders can be combined.
-It cannot be applied to orders with pre-order items.
*note that you can still buy from multiple stores without paying a consolidation fee, as long as orders are placed in a single purchase through Forward Japan.

You can request this service through this page: PACKAGE CONSOLIDATION

3.8 If I have a Japan address or if I'm going to Japan, do you also do domestic shipping?

We can ship to addresses in Japan.

If it’s necessary to keep the order for a long time, it may be necessary to apply a storage fee.
Please contact us to verify! πŸ™‚

4. Issues

4.1 I’m not able to buy by the system store, what should I do?

Please, contact us so we can make the request manually.

4.2 I want to return the product.

We do not accept return merchandize unless it is incorrect. Items returned to us MUST be in their original condition and packaging.

If you want more information please, contact us.
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